About Us

Computing Made Easier

Originally LearnCompSci was created to reduce the amount of paper being used in my own lessons with a focus on programming worksheets. Over the past 6 years it has evolved to be a place where I share absolutely every resource I create for my lessons in the hope they are useful to others and cut somebody's workload.

The website is managed by myself and everything is provided free of charge!

Why use my resources?

They are created by a working teacher and constantly updated once they have been used and reflected upon. I have 7 years experience as a subject leader for Computer Science and now work as a Leader of Faculty for Computing & Business.

Alongside programming tutorials the website provides access to teaching resources for KS3 Computing, GCSE Computer Science & OCR Creative iMedia which are being added weekly

Explaining The Battery

You will this little battery icon on most of the teaching resources added to this website from August 2019 onward. Our mastery system was designed to be as simple as possible and a subject spin on the chili rating lots of other people are using.

Every lesson, every topic for every year group is broken down in skill levels, which are high, medium and low. They correspond roughly to end of GCSE grade/question type students would be able to answer based on this skill level. In practice I very rarely discuss the medium and low skill level descriptors as I always teach to the top of my classes ability ranges and then support students who need some extra help to grasp the skill.

It is not an exact science but it seems to working for the students I teach and is developing their understanding of exactly what they are aiming to learn.