KS3 (Y7-Y9) Teaching Resources‚Äč

This page includes both student & teacher resources aimed at the English National Curriculum for Computing which covers year 7, 8 and 9 in most schools.

‚ÄčThe content on this page is updated as projects are developed, current projects in the pipeline Year 8 computer architecture, year 7/8 robotics project using BBC micro bit and year 9 binary lessons. We are also working on redesigning our KS3 resources to bring them up to the same standard as our GCSE content.

Year 7 Computing

Teacher Resources

Year 7 Scheme of Work

Year 7 Takeaway Homework

Year 7 Age Related Expectations

Year 7 Log Stickers For Books

Lesson Resources

Year 7 Computing Workbook

Digital Literacy Skills (Office)

Kodu Game Lab

Year 8 Computing

Teacher Resources

Year 8 Scheme of Work

Year 8 Takeaway Homework

Year 8 Age Related Expectations

Lesson Resources

Year 8 Computing Workbook

Computer Architecture

Data Representation Basics

Intro to HTML

Intro to Python Programming

Video Editing