Coding Challenges

Programming Challenge

TV Programs

Write a program that will allow a user to enter their name (string), their age (integer) and their favourite TV program (string). The program will then display the information entered and some additional text on separate lines.

Area of a Shape

Ask your user to enter the length and width of a rectangle. Your program should calculate the area of the rectangle (length*width) and display the result with a suitable message.

Darts Score

During a game of darts, the highest score that can be achieved in a single turn is 180. The lowest is 0. Write a program that will allow a dart player to enter their score. The program should congratulate the player if their score was over 100. If the player scores less than 10 they should be told that some practice is required.

Number Game

Write a program for a higher / lower guessing game. The computer should randomly generate 10 numbers between 1 and 15. After displaying the first number the player must guess whether the next number will be higher or lower. This should be repeated until all 10 numbers have been displayed, if the player gets the answer correct they should score 1 point. At the end of the game the player wins if they have successfully managed to get all 10 correct. Don't forgot to ask the player if they would like another go before they leave.

Password Required

Write a program that asks the user to set a password, and then re-enter their password to check it matches. Once the password has been set the program should continually ask for the password to be entered. Once the password has been entered correctly it should display a really bad joke.

Go Further: Modify your program so that the length of the password has to be a certain length.

Times Table

Write a program that calculates and displays the timetable for any number entered up to 12 multiples. For example if the user entered 10 it should calculate up to and including 12 * 10.

Detention Cheater

A naughty pupil has been given lines to copy as a punishment from their Computing teacher. The have been asked to type out “I must not behave like a Muppet in class” 20 times. Write a program that asks a pupil to enter a sentence. The same sentence should then be displayed 20 times.

Card Picker

Write a program that will generate a random playing card eg "7 Diamonds" and then close the screen. Your program should use either lists or 2D lists in order to do this. Avoid simple storing "Ace of Diamonds", "2 of Diamonds" in a long list of 52 combinations.

Suggested Skills